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Osho Evening Meeting – Part 1: Introduction

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Umberto Veronesi “La carne è cancerogena; vi svelo il motivo per cui non se ne parla”

Umberto Veronesi “La carne è cancerogena; vi svelo il motivo per cui non se ne parla”
Chi si alimenta di prodotti animali si espone ad un rischio maggiore di contrarre diversi tipi di patologie. Corre infatti in media il 30% di rischio in più di contrarre molti tipi di tumori, come quello al seno, al colon, alla prostata, al pancreas, alla vescica e ai polmoni. Un’alimentazione carnea induce ad un maggiore rischio di contrarre malattie metaboliche, disturbi cardiovascolari legati al livello di colesterolo nel sangue, infarti, diabete ed obesità.
Umberto veronesi: “Le riviste medico scientifiche più accreditate sono sul libro paga delle multinazionali farmaceutiche e pubblicano solo ciò che è consentito loro di pubblicare o ciò che è imposto loro dalle suddette multinazionali. Molti medici e ricercatori sono coscienti degli effetti dannosi del consumo della carne, ma hanno le mani legate. Io che sono uno scienziato di fama internazionale posso prendermi il lusso di fare queste dichiarazioni, se lo facessero loro molto probabilmente non lavorerebbero più.
L’industria alimentare e le multinazionali farmaceutiche viaggiano di pari passo, l’una ha bisogno dell’altro e queste due entità insieme generano introiti circa venti volte superiori a tutte le industrie petrolifere del globo messe insieme, potete dunque capire che gli interessi economici sono alla base di questa disinformazione. Ogni malato di cancro negli Stati Uniti fa guadagnare circa 250.000 dollari a suddette multinazionali, capirete che questa disinformazione è voluta ed è volta a farvi ammalare per poi curarvi.”

Monday, March 17, 2014

Raw ananas strawberries millefeuille with raspberry sauce!!!

Serving 2
Ananas Sheet
Half ananas

250 gm strawberries
Fruit creme patisserie
half a banana
8/10 dates
2 tablespoon of coconut milk
a hint of vanilla
grated rind of one lemon
half a teaspoon of turmeric
a tablespoon of maple syrup

250gm raspberries
1 tablespoon maple syrup or other sweetener
dried coconut for garnish


Blend the ananas spread in a dehydrator sheet 4-5mm thick and dehydrate for 8 hours at 42 celsius.
Cut them in square or rectangular shapes.
Cut the strawberries in thin slices.
Blend the banana with the coconut milk,dates,vanilla,turmeric and the maple syrup
Make layers with the ananas sheet,creme patisserie and strawberries, finish with the sauce and the dried coconut....and last buon appetito!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

An insight of a genius, that I feel so true !!!

Man is completely upside-down. That is why the entire flow goes downwards,
  no light shines above. It is important to understand this little upside down/[wrong way round] chemical situation of man. A few things, which could give us a clue/indication: We may never even have thought about it. On the entire earth, in the whole world, no animal… yes, he drinks his mother’s milk, but after that never drinks milk; - except for man!
In all of nature, it is only man who continues to drink milk after he has left [given up drinking] his mother’s milk. We do not even question whether something wrong is happening! It is even more interesting, that after leaving mother’s milk, man does not drink human being’s milk, but he goes on drinking another animals’ milk! And remember! As long as man is living on meat of animals, on the milk of animals until then man cannot rise beyond sexuality.
You may have never even imagined this, but a cow’s milk carries the ability to create sexuality in the body of a bull. Cow’s milk has the strength to run in a bull’s body. It is made for that. And the amount of sexuality that exists in a bull, it is not surprising if the same is created in a human being that drinks cow’s milk!
Whether it is buffalo’s milk or any other milk - we consider milk to be the purest form of food. Milk can become pure, but only when the sexuality within - just like I told you in the sutra yesterday - starts rising upwards. Then milk does not cause any harm.
But until the sexual energy, until the sexual force has not started moving upwards, until then milk will force the semen to flow only in the downward direction. The truth is this that after leaving mother’s breast, no one has any need for milk.
We think it is wrong to eat meat, we think, it is wrong to kill animals, to eat eggs, but we never think, “What is milk?” Milk is a part of blood. In any [every] mother’s womb blood gets divided into two parts. Blood consists of two parts - Red and white. The mother’s body separates the red blood from the white blood. The white blood turns into milk. That is why by drinking milk the production of blood increases quickly. Milk is blood.
But the matter is even more difficult/complicated; we don’t even consider that the milk of whichever animal it is, is suitable for that animal’s characteristics. Cow’s milk is suitable for the cow’s son. And you are not the cow’s son, no matter how much of a shankracharya you are! The son of a cow is the bull. And the bull also does not need milk for its whole life!
Do you know, that as long as children are small, and have not become sexually mature, until then milk can be useful in some way. But as soon as sexual maturity has happened, as soon as an individual - from the point of view of sex - becomes an adult, after that, milk is very dangerous. All of mankind is suffering and in pain because of milk. This milk – whichever animal it comes from, it creates that same kind of animalistic tendencies in man. Also remember, milk is an extremely unnatural food. Just mother’s milk for only as long as it is needed for the development of the child [is okay], after that it is a completely unnatural food. And because of this unnatural food, human being’s chemistry has been completely disturbed. That is why in the world there is sex in animals, but there is no sexuality. There is sex, not sexuality. Sexuality is only in man.
Animals do have sex in them, of course they produce children. They also do get attracted to sex, but they do not make sex their mainstay and think about it day and night, nor do they make films, nor do they compose music, nor write history or poetry. After that, [sex] they do not worry about it.
In twenty-four hours, however much man works, out of that ninety-eight percent of it is centered around sex. Even in those two percent, if we would search a bit deeper, we will find that it is also related to sex. What has happened to man? Man has gone insane and in his insanity, a complete chemical disintegration of his personality has happened.
We say no to eating meat. People think that maybe people like Mahavir and Buddha have said no to eating meat because there is violence in it. Then they do not know the real reason. Mahavir and Buddha did not say no to eating meat because of violence. Those who think this and are propagating this, their propaganda is full of misunderstanding. They have no idea at all of the inner science of Mahavir and Buddha.
Mahavir and Buddha say no to eating meat because whichever animal’s meat is eaten, that animal’s tendencies/qualities enter in the man [who eats the meat.] And that man comes to the same level as that of the animal that he eats. The important question here is not that the animal has been killed. What is very important is that the person who eats meats is taking his soul downwards, not upwards!
I now said this as a joke that however much a person calls the cow his mother, just by saying, “Mother-cow” man does not become the cow’s son. But it is important to know a few more things in this reference. And that is this, that in a way the cow is the mother but not in the sense, that the foolish/ignorant cow worshippers in India talk about ’mother-cow’. Their explanation is that because we get milk from the cow therefore she is the mother. They explain that because we get calves from the cow, because agriculture happens with [the help of] the cow, therefore she is the mother. These are just meaningless things, they don’t know anything. The cow is a mother in a very different way.
Cow is the mother in the same sense that Darwin considered the monkey to be the father. Darwin and the entire western science were researching where the body of man has come from. What is the bodily heredity of man? How did the body of man develop/evolve? So by researching the evolution of the body they came to know that human body is the next/following link after the link of the body of a monkey. Man’s body has come from the monkey. It is an absolute truth that man’s body has come from the monkey.
But in India nobody ever thought that the body of man has come from the monkey. And in India people are thinking about man’s evolution since thousands of years - so what is the reason? There is one reason! And that is India never bothered about bodily heredity. India says where the body has come from is not important. What is important is where the soul has come from. And when the Indian researchers went in search of the soul, then they found that the first link of the soul of a human being comes from the cow. The soul of man has evolved from the lineage of cows and man’s body has evolved from the lineage of monkeys. Man has the body of a monkey and the soul of a cow.
Like a blacksmith makes [the head of] an axe from iron, and a carpenter makes a stick for it and both together become an axe. On one side nature is developing the body from the side of the monkey.And in the monkey’s journey, the most highly evolved body has become possible. On the other side, the progress of the soul is going on. And in the journey of a cow’s soul, the most highly evolved soul has become possible. And Man has evolved from the union of these two. Man is the confluence of many different journeys of development. The body has come from somewhere and the soul has come from somewhere else. That is why India never bothered with the monkey. And the West will not be able to bother about the cow for many years to come. They do not even know that the soul too has its own genesis, the soul too has a historical chain [of events]. Cow is the mother in this sense and not in the sense that you forever keep drinking her milk
If you would try to drink even your own mother’s milk forever, then your mother too will put a legal case on you. Milk is the central element in causing man’s personality to become sexual. And if human beings cannot get a diet which is free from/of milk, then there is great danger. Yes, I know that if the semen [sexual] energy has already started to rise, then milk can be used. That is why if the saints, sages and yogis have called milk as the highest [purest] food, then they were not wrong. But that is only after that [upward] journey has begun. Not before that.
In man’s chemical personality, fruit and vegetables have a fundamental place. Why? Because fruits, vegetables, greens are at those /states of development before sex is born/[comes in to being/existence]. Fruits and vegetables are not born out of sex – they are not a sexual production/[of sexual origin]. The moment animal life starts, sexual production/procreation begins. That is why animal’s meat, its milk is all the same; all [of it] is food from animals. It becomes a hindrance in the rising of consciousness in any man.
You are made up of that what you eat, you are created out of that. You are ninety percent food. What you have taken inside you is what is working within you. Try drinking alcohol for a while and you will realize that as long as the alcohol is working [in you] you are not there – until then [there is only] alcohol! .
I have heard, a king’s procession on a road. And a man standing at the crossroads started swearing/cursing. Everybody was showering flowers and this man started showering abuses. Immediately, he was arrested and put behind bars. The next day he was brought before the king. The king asked, “What happened to you? Why were you swearing and cursing yesterday?”  He replied, “Your Majesty, if you truly ask [truly speaking], it wasn’t me, it was the alcohol. I do not know anything. If there was swearing, then it must have been the alcohol. I was not there at all. Since I have come to consciousness, I am disturbed - what is going on here? Why am I locked in the prison? I only remember the time when I was drinking in the bar and then when I came to my senses, I found myself behind bars. I have no idea  about what happened in between. If you want to find out about that then you can ask the alcohol. I was not present in [the time period] between.” For some time when you drink alcohol, you don’t remain yourself; the alcohol becomes active.
Whatever we take within us, the food that we eat becomes responsible [the cause of] for taking the whole light of our personality’s upwards or downwards. But we have no idea about this. Or those who keep talking about this, are talking such nonsense that it becomes difficult to listen to them.
Slowly slowly, a very big science, [is needed] which will give man’s consciousness a chemical support, which will become achemical device, that can support the consciousness to rise upwards, because remember! What is man? He is ninety percent chemicals, and actually now he is ninety nine percent chemicals. The soul is, at the most with difficulty, only one percent. Yes, it can become hundred percent some day, but it is not right now. We will have to be mindful of it – and we will have to be mindful about extremely small things.
So the first thing, food that comes from the world of vegetables and fruit is what takes man’s consciousness upwards. Food derived from animals is the kind that takes the consciousness of man downwards. Therefore, nature has made a very amazing arrangement. Do you know that the child in the mother’s womb – although we do say this, “my parent’s blood is running in my veins!” This is an utter lie! No one has his parent’s blood running in his veins. Nature has made an amazing arrangement. The child that is in the mother’s womb does not get blood from the mother. Before the blood reaches the child in the womb, it disintegrates. The mother’s entire blood disintegrates into its fundamental elements. Then out of those fundamental elements, the child selects again,[/re-selects] and then creates new blood.
Therefore, it can happen that a mother may need blood and the son’s blood is of no use. If a mother’s blood is running in the son and the mother needs blood, then take the blood out of the son and give it! No, investigations are to be done to find out whose blood will match hers - it is not necessary that the son’s blood will match. Why?
The son has created his own blood. Nature has made the arrangement, that you create your own [blood.] So that you can be free! And if we accept/obtain blood or meat/flesh created by someone else, then we can never be free. Our personality will start becoming like that of the other. That is why nature has made this amazing arrangement so your mother’s personality does not dominate you. That is the why the blood has to be broken down/disintegrated and reconstructed again.
Nobody has the blood of their mother and father running in their own blood, remember this. Only your own blood is running. And each person’s blood is of its own kind. Everyone does not have the same kind of blood.
If my leg would be injured now and it would need an operation, and if we would take the skin from your leg and put it on that same place, then it will not catch/sit/work. It is astonishing, how does the skin know whose [skin] it is. It is your skin taken from the same leg, the same place where my leg is injured – if we would cut it and put it on, it will not stick/join. It will reject it, the whole body will refuse it and say, “we do not accept it!” Why? How can the skin know whose skin it is? Does the skin have its own individuality? Definitely it does! Try grafting the skin from your other leg, and it will work, but it will reject the skin from another person. Your body will reject it –it is foreign, it is alien – it cannot be received!
If this is true that only your own skin can be put on your body, that it is difficult to put someone else’s skin, then by accepting ready food from anywhere, from the animals, we are creating a disintegration in ourselves, we are creating a danger in ourselves. Many [different] levels will be formed in our personality. It will not remain one [unified]. That is why we need food from a source that supplies it directly, and from where it is directly absorbed. You choose that what is suits your personality. And [so] your personality becomes a harmony, a musical melody which your personality has chosen it for itself. And it is of its own kind. Then the light of that personality starts rising upwards.
The first situation is such that we have become so connected/associated with animals that there are voices of various animals inside us. Many times you are unable to understand – you make a man angry, and when he comes down on/attacks you, you will not believe… – is this a man that is attacking me, or is it an animal that is attacking me?
In anger, who knows what kind of animals start manifesting in man. Whenever there are riots, public disturbances ,you will see wolves, dogs, tigers emerging out of man; you will not see a human being come out. There is no human/man inside. The human is only on the surface. Open him, tear him - man is only skin-deep, he is thinner than the thickness of skin. Tear him a bit and what will come out can be a variety of animals – a human will not come out. There is no human inside. We are not making a human being. And how can a man be made? Because right now, man is the last link in the chain of evolution. There may be many links before him, but evolution has stopped at man. So man should very consciously create this body using all the elements that will take his personality upwards.
Food does not mean just meals, remember. Food means anything that is taken inside. Meals are also one [type of] food. What I take in with my eyes is also food. And what I take inside me with my ears is also food; and what I take in through the touch of [my] hands is also food. Food means that what goes in through the senses and forms my personality. Therefore, do not think that food means only meals. Meals are one type of food, there are other types of food too.
When I see people walking on the road, then too I am eating - through my eyes. Then what I am looking at/seeing is making/forming/shaping my personality. What are you seeing?
Do you know, that if a man is kept in a house where everything is red, then that man’s head will start going round in circles. And if you put that same man in a house where everything is green, then that same man’s head will become silent because the intake of the green colour makes the personality silent and the intake of the red color agitates the personality .
Whatever you see, the work of chemistry continues. Each and every colour does something when it goes inside. What you see, where you look, who you look at; you are being made/formed/shaped by whatever you see. What you hear, each and every sound is striking your inner veena, it is transforming you. You listen to anything, you read anything, you eat anything, you watch anything… Then there cannot be a revolution in this consciousness. This revolution can be the result of an extremely well-planned/organized/streamlined project/scheme.
I am amazed to see what a human being is seeing and hearing, it really amazes me. If there is nothing worth seeing, then closing the eyes is not very bad! But no one is happy to close their eyes. Everyone is happy to see wrong [things], no one is happy to close their eyes. Instead of listening to [something] wrong, closing your ears is not bad! But there is such an intense longing/desire to hear [something] that we are ready to hear anything, anything! And that is when all kinds of garbage keeps being collected within us.
Man wakes up in the morning and the first thing he asks, “where is the newspaper?” He has started to collect garbage. He has started the search for the road going down. What does he read in the newspaper? He reads everything that is in the newspaper, starting from the first corner to the last one. Out of which ninety percent is news of riots, fights, accidents, cheating, robberies, thefts, and news from the courts. And news of the most heinous of criminals of society – politicians; that is in huge big letters/print. And he is drinking this. He is drinking it without thinking – because this will form/shape his personality. This is not just a casual, ordinary thing - that you have looked at the newspaper and thrown it away. You may have thrown the newspaper, it will get sold as waste paper/[recycling paper], but what the newspaper has put inside you will circulate in you for many lives. Remember, whatever is engraved in the memory once, it cannot be erased until Samadhi has been reached. It just cannot be wiped off. Till then you will haveto carry/haul that burden.
We are carrying the burden of infinite lives. Who knows what different types of rubbish we have collected.
A man comes and says that Mr so and so has committed a theft. And we get so fascinated/highly interested that we drop all our tasks and ask, “What happened next? What else happened?” Some man has committed a theft – What use is it to you? Is it meaningful? And is there any need to collect this rubbish inside ourselves? You want to make a garden, you want to grow flowers of life, and you collect this rubbish, you bring these gravel and stones in the house, you collect this mulch/grass and you have the intention to make a beautiful garden - then this is not possible.
You will have to become like a gardener – a person who consciously chooses - and you will have to see/check, “what am I taking inside me?” So the first thing is, what are we taking inside us –whether in the form of food or in the form of words; words are also food.
Now computers have been made/invented in the whole world. The knowledge that is put in – do you know, it is called ‘feed’ - giving food. They are feeding the computer. We are also feeding our computers - twenty-four hours we are giving it food - through newspapers, books, with anything.
Every week five thousand new books are printed and released. The hunger for knowledge that man has these days was never so great before. But man has never been as ignorant as he is today. There is such a big stack of books - every week five thousand new books are increased on earth. Librarians in Moscow and Washington are faced with the question that if the amount of books continues to increase at this pace, then by the end of this century there won’t be any more place to keep the books. Where to put the books? Then there should be a provision/way/solution to make the books smaller, which can be read with a microscope. Else books of microfilms should be made, that can be read on the [big] screen because where to keep all these books? Today there are so many books in the libraries of Moscow and London that if those shelves were lined up, they would go around the earth three times. 
This huge rising pile and man’s craving for knowledge; that from morning to evening he is so eager to learn/collect from the newspapers, from the radio, from television, from whomever he meets, from leaders, from gurus, from sadhus, from sannyasins – he is eager to collect from everyone. In order to gain knowledge, man goes on collecting so much! ,And there is no trace of knowing in him. We don’t see any light of knowing shining in him. His lamp is extinguished completely. There is no knowing whatsoever, but there is a mountain of knowledge .Certainly, something somewhere is going wrong [in him]!
We seem to be collecting garbage. We are not selecting/choosing anything. Just like a man would start eating just about anything; stones, pebbles, whatever he gets/finds, he eats. So he eats a lot, but also starts dying and people say, “But he eats so much/well but why is he dying, why is he getting sick?” Man is putting just anything inside [him], and every single thing matters! [Even] if one small word goes wrongly inside you, then it shakes up your entire personality. One tiny small word, just a slight little word…  
You are walking on the street and you meet someone and he says, “This man is really stupid.” Now ‘stupid’ is a tiny little word, which is only a sound. A person who does not know Hindi will hear that ‘stupid’ was said and will happily go away. He will not know anything. But you know! And your night is disturbed and you keep tossing and turning. Just that small word called ‘stupid’ went in and is making you toss and turn; there is sweat on your forehead. You get up, you sit, and you wash your head, but.that ‘stupid’, is going round and round in you. It is saying, “that man said ’stupid’!” Just one tiny small word! And it goes in and starts to create such a movement/revolution [note: Osho uses the word andolan – which is a political or social movement], so many waves. So we have collected who knows how many scraps of rubbish. And after collecting all that rubbish we are thinking of the journey upwards... We have heard wrong, eaten wrong, we are wearing the wrong things. Nobody asks that what we are wearing, why we are wearing it, what are we doing?
Have you ever thought that whenever the era becomes more sexual, then the clothes become tight? And when the era becomes spiritual, the clothes become lose. Have you ever thought about this? This happens suddenly. This is not accidental, there is a reason behind it.
The tighter the clothes on the body, that much tenser will man be. That is why on the battlefield, tight clothes are very important. Tight clothes on the battlefield are extremely necessary, because on the battlefield man has to be made man to do such nasty things that his being peaceful can be dangerous. He has to be under stress. He should be in so much stress, that for the whole time because of his clothes, he keeps wanting to leap out of them. His mind is ready to jump – ‘when can I get out of the clothes?’ He is constantly in so much anger, just by being himself, he is in a constant pull/stretch/strain, is always ready to run.
Have you ever noticed if you are wearing tight clothes you will climb two steps at a time. You won’t have seen a man wearing lose clothes climbing two steps at a time. A man with lose clothes will climb every single step with majesty, dignity and grace. That is why in the houses in the olden times there used to be separate staircases for the servants and separate ones for the masters. The servants’ clothes were tight. Their stairs were made to be high – so that they climbed them with a spring. The master’s clothes were lose, they hung far down. Maybe two servants would lift/carry them [the length of the clothes] while he walked. His stairs were low. He slowly took one step at a time.

In the whole world, no sannyasins have ever had tight clothes. There is a reason. The reason is that the more you constrict the body, the more will your tendencies travel downwards. The more you allow the body to relax, be free, the more will there be a rise in the upward direction.
I am telling you these small little things just as an example, so that you can understand the entire chemistry of this body; just an indication. Then you will have to arrange the whole thing according to you. But once you have understood the hint - what all you can do to bring your awareness upon that energy center inside – then all these things can be of help towards meditation.
A man wears any kind of clothes, they are of any colour, he has put so many strips/bands of multiple colors all together on one [piece of] clothing, and no one asks, “what has happened to this man?” Because clothes with strips of many different colors gives us the message that the man’s brain is restless/turbulent/in a turmoil inside. A peaceful man will prefer a color which is continuous over a larger area. Have you seen the sky sometimes – when the whole sky is deeply blue? There is no distinction at all, it is one unseparated color. If you lie down on the sand with open eyes and look at that blue sky - as you go on watching that blue sky, you will find that you too have become one with that sky. Something inside has become peaceful. But imagine we have put many colorful bands in the sky, thousands of multi-colored bands have been put in the sky, watch that for half an hour and you will come home crazy! It will become difficult to find out where is your home. “Who are we?” The entire world is going crazy. A madhouse has been made. It is becoming mad from every side because what we are doing is only exciting/agitating, it is not making us silent.
Why do you like it when you go to the mountains? What is there in the mountains? There is only greenery and nothing else. That one long spread of green going far and wide makes something quiet within us. A deep resonance echoes within us. Actually, the personality of our entire body is made of exactly these green plants. There is an inner harmony with the tree outside and our inside. When we go close to these green trees, the parts in us which came from the trees start vibrating, and a communion happens, a meeting takes place. This does not happen when we go to a building made by man.
If you would stand for a while in New York or Chandigarh or if you get near some big buildings in Mumbai, then you will feel sad, not refreshed. All man-made buildings of cement, concrete and stones do not echo/resonate in your being. But close to a tree, close to an old tree –there are green branches spread out in the sky – when you sit quietly beside it, then something happens. Osho.

Friday, February 28, 2014

How I became a vegetarian

As a kid my mother forced me to eat meat even if I didn't like it. I grew up in a farm where vegetables, fruits and animals were available for food.Once in awhile we would kill an animal like a chicken or a rabbit for a meal and once a year a big pig to make salami etc. This was a normal routine on our farm.

When I came across meditation in India, in a center that is now Osho International Meditation Resort, I discover vegetarianism. It was there that I got to know the passion and the creativity that comes along with cooking and creating vegetarian recipes for thousands of visitor from allover the world.
And in that wonderful place I had the opportunity to create and create!!! And now I am in touch with the chefs there and I orchestrate the menu and recipes through mail.

In one occasion many years ago when I returned to Italy from India, out of habit I killed a rabbit for a dinner party, and in that moment it became very clear that the rabbit didn't like to be killed, so I asked myself "do I need to kill to eat?" For sure no!!

From that moment it became clear that I wanted to eat only vegetarian food.
Recently here in Sweden where I reside now I came across raw food and I took a course from Janne Larsen of the Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy. I'm now graduated as a Raw Chef.
It's very interesting to see the habit that we carry with us about food. Raw food is usually at room temperature and we are used to eat hot or warm food so is quite a change. On the other hand in raw food all the nutrients are available since by cooking most the enzyme get destroyed.

Often I get the question on where I get the protein as a vegetarian or vegan or raw eater?
The answer is quite logic. The cow doesn't eat meat but grass, and there are many animals that doesn't eat meat and they have no problem getting enough protein. Why would humans? Many studies say that the human digestive system is not made for digesting meat.
In fact there are more protein in kale leaves that the same amount of meat and like all the vegetables if eaten raw it contains enzymes that make the digestion easy.

And regarding the myth that drinking milk you get strong bones, USA and Sweden are the biggest consumer of milk pro capita and is where there are more cases of osteoporosis. Worth some thought.

I feel that vegan and raw is the future of food where respect for life is part of human consciousness and meditation is the key to consciousness.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

You need a very proportionate, calculated food balance to keep all your needs completely fulfilled, food that helps consciousness to grow, food that makes you more loving, more peaceful, food that destroys your anger, your hatred. It is your chemistry that food changes, and all these things – anger, hatred, love, compassion – are connected with your chemistry.Osho.